PUBG's Smaller, Tropical Map Enters Testing Next Week

by Robbie Key on Mar 30, 2018 at 01:55 PM

PUBG's newest map, Codename: Savage, is venturing away from its mountainous and desert backdrops to tinier tropics, and players can try it out soon.

Savage enters its testing phase at 7 p.m. PDT on Monday and runs until 4 a.m. PDT on Thursday. "We’re doing this because we want to start getting your feedback as soon as possible and drive the development in the right direction," an official PUBG post on Steam says. Details on how to participate have yet to be shared, though the allotment is finite. "At first, we are going to do a more limited test for Codename: Savage to make sure that nothing is too broken" the post says. "Again, it’s a super early build, we hope you understand. The next test will be bigger!"

The tropic map, which was first announced last week to celebrate PUBG's one-year anniversary, adopts a 4-by-4 grid compared to the original and dessert maps' 8-by-8 size. For further perspective on Savage's size, it's slightly bigger than Fortnite's Battle Royale map, at least according to some early player calculations.

Only one map is currently available on the Xbox One and mobile versions, though it's safe to assume the 4-by-4 setting and dessert area will eventually at least come to the Xbox One iteration.

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[Source: PC Games N and PUBG on Steam]


Our Take
While PUBG's bigger and lengthier maps are parts of its identity, a smaller, less time-consuming setting could make for a nice change of pace to matches.