Become Colonel Sanders In This Bizarre KFC And PUBG Promo

by Joey Thurmond on Mar 23, 2018 at 04:17 PM

"Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner." The coveted words of victory in Playerunknown's Battlegrounds is an admittedly odd saying to find in the battle royale title, but Twitch is taking the expression more literally this weekend by partnering with KFC. From March 24 to 25, streamers SacrielSequishaAnthony Kongphan, and Dr. Lupo will be streaming PUBG and viewers will have the chance to use a special KFC emote. Whenever one of the streamers claims victory in a match and the emote is used, everyone will be entered into winning $5 gift cards for the fast food chain. Randomly selected participants will also get the chance to win items depicted in the image above, ranging from a "survival spork" to a Colonel Sanders-themed Ghillie suit. The latter consists of a bright white color with a black bowtie, which we have no doubt will blend in magnificently in the wild.

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[Source: RollingStone]


Our Take
Video games are no strangers to baffling cross-promotions, but at least this one makes sense. PUBG has been struggling on the front of keeping up its player base while Fortnite continues to break astounding records with sales and streaming, so while I doubt this will make a dent in the game's overall performance on Twitch this weekend, it's a nice, silly gesture for the community nonetheless.