Kingdom Come: Deliverance's Save-Improving Patch Available Now

by Suriel Vazquez on Mar 17, 2018 at 04:21 PM

Although it strives for realism over gameplay, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is made of code and bits just like any other game, and one of the biggest issues we had with it on release was how buggy it was. Hopefully, a the new 1.3.1 patch, which is available now on consoles and PC, will make it a lot less buggy.

The patch makes a number of substantial changes, the most notable of which is the promised change of the save system. Now players can choose to "Save and Exit" at any time, letting them mark their progress wherever they are instead of having to find a bed or drink an expensive magic potion to save. Saves won't get corrupted if the game crashes while saving, either. Finally on the save front, the PC version now supports Steam Cloud, letting players take their save across multiple PCs.

There are also a number of performance, visual, and gameplay changes, all of which aim to relieve the stress of living in medevial Bohemia. To see exactly what's changed, check out the full patch notes.