New Overwatch Hero Brigitte Breaks Free On March 20 Across All Platforms

by Joey Thurmond on Mar 15, 2018 at 02:28 PM

Brigitte has quickly made her way into the hearts of Overwatch's players. With some exploits receiving some much-needed tweaks, the engineering squire will be your shield on March 20 with her official debut.

Concept artist Ben Zhang also took to a video to explain how the team combined her father and Reinhardt's inspiration into her design. A separate blog post gives a wonderful highlight into how the artistic process of Kim-Seang "Nesskain" Hong, who has made official art for Overwatch with the Uprising event's introductory cutscene, Moira's lore video, and more. He also drew conceptual art of what Brigitte's life was like being Reinhardt's caretaker, which has played an influence in her official backstory. You can check out more of his work via his Twitter account.

You can read and watch more about Brigitte's abilities and lore by clicking here.

[Source: Overwatch on Facebook]


Our Take
Brigitte is a combination of my favorite roles in Overwatch, with tanks (Reinhardt and Zarya forever) being my preferred choice and support my backup strategy. I've also been observing Nesskain's fan art of the character for over a year and have been so pleasantly surprised that his work influenced Blizzard. Goes to show you that communities can truly co-create alongside developers when you least expect it.