Ark: Survival Evolved Coming To Mobile

by Imran Khan on Mar 15, 2018 at 08:00 AM

Another game in the wave of popular console and PC titles getting ported to mobile, Ark: Survival Evolved is making its way to mobile phones.

The game is being ported by mobile developer War Drum Studios, who brought series like Grand Theft Auto and Bully to mobile, and strives to be the exact same game from the PC and console version on mobile devices. That's the full island, 80+ dinosaurs, online multiplayer, and all the survival aspects of the title.

You can check out the trailer here below.

Invites for the iOS beta can be signed up for now at War Drum's website, though the full game will be on both iOS and Android. ARK Survival Evolved has, according to developer Studio Wildcard's accounting, sold nearly ten million copies.


Our Take
It's interesting to see how many games that are seeing massive success on PC are then trying to use mobile to expand the player base. It sure took a graphical hit, but relative to the hardware and the need to sustain battery life, it looks alright.