Update: Sega Confirms Genesis Collection

by Imran Khan on Mar 14, 2018 at 10:20 AM


Sega has confirmed the collection with a tweet:

Original Story (March 13 @ 8:05 PM Central):

Earlier today, website SegaNerds posted a trailer from what they claimed was an announcement of a Sega Genesis Collection for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

The trailer indicated a collection that is fairly similar to the Sega Genesis hub already on Steam, which would indicate a port of the apartment-style menu that already exists on that service. The video has since been removed without explanation, being unclear whether it was SegaNerds who removed it or Sega filing a claim against it.

When we reached out to Sega, they confirmed that there was an admin error that resulted in assets being made available ahead of the intended announcement date. "The gun was jumped a little bit there on the SEGA Genesis Classics announcement," a Sega spokesperson told us. "When we are in a position to properly announce it, with an official release date and official SEGA communication, we will. Stay tuned!"


Our Take
I know it's gauche to say it, but the lack of a Switch version here does kind of baffle me. The only thing I can guess is that the PC-adjacent architecture of PS4 and Xbox One makes the work required to bring it to Switch just out of the realm of profitable.