Google And Ubisoft Collaborate On Dedicated Game Servers

by Imran Khan on Mar 14, 2018 at 05:55 PM

Google has announced that they are currently researching and developing new server technology in collaboration with Ubisoft to improve dedicated game servers.

Called Agones, an ancient greek word referring to a contest of arts and athleticism, the new technology hopes to leverage the scalability of open source server technology to better serve all kinds of needs. A lot of the details are fairly technical, but in theory, the new server technology should allow faster and more accurate multiplayer gaming.

:Many of the popular fast-paced online multiplayer games such as competitive FPSs, MMOs and MOBAs require a dedicated game server—a full simulation of the game world—for players to connect to as they play within it," the Google blog post reads. "This dedicated game server is usually hosted somewhere on the internet to facilitate synchronizing the state of the game between players, but also to be the arbiter of truth for each client playing the game, which also has the benefit of safeguarding against players cheating. Dedicated game servers are stateful applications that retain the full game simulation in memory. But unlike other stateful applications, such as databases, they have a short lifetime. Rather than running for months or years, a dedicated game server runs for a few minutes or hours."

Ubisoft has recently come to the revelation that dedicated servers work better for their games, recently instituting it into For Honor rather successfully. The open source nature of the project allows all sorts of developers to grab the tech and modify it for their needs and the needs of the game, so we might be seeing a more more games using it in the future.

[Source: Google]


Our Take
Most of the technical details escape me, but it is definitely cool to see the game industry partner with tech leaders to improve technology in an open source form.