Alleged Concept Art From Canceled Star Wars: Battlefront IV Explores Intriguing "What If" Scenarios

by Joey Thurmond on Mar 13, 2018 at 02:28 PM

The aftermath of Free Radical's canceled Star Wars: Battlefront III has been quite the podrace. It seems that a year doesn't go by where leaked footage of the game in its pre-alpha state or conflicting reports on the game's internal development isn't disclosed in some fashion, but 2018 adds a new wrinkle to the saga with probable concept art for the early planning stages of Battlefront IV.

While a small amount of the concept art has leaked before (such as one of the images of "Dark Obi-Wan'), the vast majority of these pieces are new. While the Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith video game and The Force Unleashed are some of the adaptations that toy around with alternate timelines, this Battlefront seems like it might have made this a key part of its experience.

There are Light Side versions of Darth Maul, Count Dooku, and Asajj Ventress, and on the flip side, Dark Side variants of a younger Obi-Wan and Leia. Numerous storyboard panels twist scenes from the films with different settings and characters. In this game's timeline, Palpatine would've revealed himself to be a Sith early on. Other scenarios show Naboo falling to the Confederacy, the Empire attacking the planet, and a duel between Yoda and Anakin.

Very little is known about Battlefront IV, so this is one of the first supposed insights into its direction. You can check out the full gallery of images by clicking here or scroll down for some that we've highlighted.

[LukeLandwalker on Imgur via Eurogamer]


Our Take
Star Wars: Battlefront III's near-completion is a shame, along with other promising games from Lucasfilm that never saw the light of day. I've always been a sucker for alternate timeline stories like with the Wolfenstein games or The Order: 1886, so I would've loved to have seen how Free Radical would've turned the Star Wars universe upside down ... hopefully Disney will capitalize on the exciting potential of "what if?" stories in the future.