Neil Druckmann Promoted To Vice-President Of Naughty Dog

by Imran Khan on Mar 09, 2018 at 12:39 PM

Neil Druckmann, one of Naughty Dog's most well-known developers, has been promoted to the position of vice-president of the studio.

The announcement came as part of a blog post from Naughty Dog president Evan Wells, assuring fans hopeful for The Last of Us Part II that Druckmann is staying on as creative director despite the new position. Wells also confirmed that Anthony Newman and Kurt Margenau are serving as joint directors for the game.

Druckmann started at Naughty Dog as an intern in 2004, getting a chance to work on Jak X: Combat Racing and Jak 3 before eventually joining Naughty Dog's design team. His biggest break was serving as game designer for Uncharted and Uncharted 2, eventually becoming Naughty Dog's headlining name.

Newman was a gameplay designer that is best known for his work on The Last of Us. Margenau has worked as a game designer on the second and third Uncharted games and The Last of Us, lead game designer on Uncharted 4, and director of Lost Legacy. We spoke with Margenau last year about Uncharted: Lost Legacy.

The Last of Us Part II currently has no scheduled release window, but Neil Druckmann pegged the game as 40-60 percent complete at PSX last December.


Our Take
Congratulations to Neil, his work at the studio has been stellar so far and he will likely have a strong creative influence over the studio in his new position.