Days Gone Delayed Into 2019

by Joey Thurmond on Mar 09, 2018 at 03:01 PM

Days Gone is among our most anticipated action and PlayStation titles of 2018. While the focus on the undead may seem stale to some people, the gorgeous visuals, unique behavioral patterns of the zombies, and open world might just scratch an itch that Dying Light couldn't satisfy – as good as it was. However, an update to the game's official page on the PlayStation website has unexpectedly moved its release date to next year. US Gamer received confirmation from a Sony spokesperson that the game was being delayed until 2019, but Sony declined to provide any additional information.

We have reached out to Sony and Bend Studio as well and will update this story should we hear anything back. In the meantime, you can watch Ben Hanson's interview with Days Gone's director Jeff Ross and world designer Eric Jensen, where they discuss the progress of development and the challenges of making an open-world game.

[Source: US Gamer via IGN]


Our Take
Considering the ambitious scope of Days Gone, I'm not surprised that it would be delayed. I'm curious about how this is being seemingly downplayed without explanation, but I'm sure an explanation will be provided soon since Sony is investing much into the new IP.