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Rainbow Six: Siege Hits New Player Count Record Over Two Years After Release

by Imran Khan on Mar 07, 2018 at 07:16 PM

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The Rainbow Six: Siege train keeps rolling along as the game breaks its own concurrent player count again, despite being released in late 2015.

On Steam, Siege hit its own all-time high player count of 176,856 players recently. This number is a result of the game's rather explosive growth in the last few months, as the publicly available SteamSpy data indicates that the game has added around 50,000 concurrent players since its least peak of 125,000.

Ubisoft recently announced that Rainbow Six: Siege has hit 27 million users across PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, though that number likely includes participants of the free trial. Still, its numbers continue to grow in a way Ubisoft must be happy with. The game recently launched its Operation Chimera update and Ubisoft has been vocal about changing the pricing structure to make it more welcoming for new players.

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Our Take
Despite an incredibly rocky launch, Rainbow Six Siege has turned into a game I never hear anyone speak ill of, and that's pretty impressive for a popular online multiplayer game. I am curious if Ubisoft is going to stick with it or has started work on a sequel.