Update: More On The Diablo 3 On Switch Speculation

by Imran Khan on Mar 06, 2018 at 09:41 AM

Update #2: Sources have told Eurogamer that the speculation that Blizzard is bringing Diablo 3 to the Switch is true, and it's also heard that while the game is currently in production, its announcement "remains several months off." Whether that fits in with E3 in July or not remains to be seen.

[Source: Eurogamer] 


Update: Polygon reached out to Blizzard about the supposed tease for Diablo 3 and got a response back that might disappoint some folks:

We can assure you we’re not that clever,” a spokesperson for Blizzard Entertainment said via email. “[It was] meant to be a fun community engagement piece. We have nothing to announce.

Original Post (March 1 at 7:33 PM Central):

Blizzard tweeted a small video today that might be indicating a port of their latest Diablo game to Nintendo's newest system.

The tweet showed a light switch connected to a Diablo nightlight being flicked up and down. A plain reading of the imagery is that Diablo is coming to the Switch, which would mark the first time since the Nintendo 64 port of Starcraft that a Blizzard game has officially been on a Nintendo system.

You can check out the video below.

That's all we can guess at until Blizzard decides to say more, but it's difficult to interpret that as anything else, save maybe for a weird advertisement for a Diablo nightlight. With E3 only three months away, maybe Blizzard plans to say some more at the event.


Our Take
I would absolutely play Diablo III on the Switch. If it is real, I wonder if it will feature Nintendo content like the bonus The Last of Us enemies in the PlayStation 4 version.