Nintendo Officially Says Mario Is A Plumber Again

by Imran Khan on Mar 05, 2018 at 09:00 PM

Last year, Nintendo shocked and baffled the world by changing a single category in Mario's Japanese profile page: occupation. The change went from Plumber to Adventurer, turning everything we knew about Mario on its head. Thankfully, that has now been rectified.

Users on Reddit noticed the change yesterday, realizing that Nintendo had seemingly adjusted the Mario profile page once again this week. After some Google translation and comparing of archived pages that referred to him only as a plumber "a long time ago," it was revealed that Occupation had been changed back to Plumber, putting Mario back in touch with his pipe-based roots.

Maybe Nintendo knows this is just one of those changes where calling him Adventurer provides no benefit but changing it from Plumber bothers some people because it's an unnecessary change. Or maybe Bowser's line in Mario Odyssey calling Mario "plumber boy" finally got to him and he realized that, while he may also be an adventurer, he'll always be a plumber at heart.

[Source: NintendoLife]