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Turns Out P.T. Would Still Be Spooky If It Were Made In 1998

by Suriel Vazquez on Mar 03, 2018 at 05:09 PM

P.T. was a teaser for the canceled Silent Hills game that never came to fruition, but it's left quite an impact in its wake. Modders have tried to recreate the game on PC, and games like Layers of Fear have cited taking inspiration from it. The latest developer/artist to be inspired by the demo has decided to "demake" the game, and it's a sight to behold.

Youtube channel 98Demake has turn the PS4 game into something out of the late PlayStation era, complete with some nostalgic aliasing and and simple lighting. Although the graphics quality isn't the highest, you can still recognize it as P.T. and it's still really dark, ominous, and scary. Take a look below.

If you're interested in playing this for yourself, you can download it here.