Ubisoft Releasing A Live-Action Far Cry 5 Short Film On Amazon Prime

by Imran Khan on Mar 01, 2018 at 09:00 PM

Ubisoft is releasing a live-action short that takes place before the events of Far Cry 5 exclusively on Amazon Prime's streaming service next week.

The short, titled Inside Eden's Gate, tells the story of three vloggers that head to Montana to check out the infamous Eden's Gate cult. Obviously, this doesn't work out quite as well as they would hope, and the result is some sort of mix of the Resident Evil VII prologue and losing all your Youtube advertisers because you pushed the extremes of good sense and morality.

Check out the announce trailer below. The short releases on March 5 to whet your appetite for Far Cry 5, which itself releases on March 27.


Our Take
The short might be interesting, but I am mostly curious if Ubisoft has adjusted or lessened the tone on the game since its initial reveal last year.