Next Xbox Update Adds Interactive Mixer Streams, 1440p Support, And More Audio Options

by Imran Khan on Mar 01, 2018 at 08:38 PM

Microsoft has started talking about the next big Xbox One update, the first one of 2018, which boasts a couple of new features.

The Spring update will support 1440p resolutions, which you'll most commonly see in computer monitors. The resolution isn't quite 4K, but it's a step above 1080p, allowing players who are using monitors for their Xbox One or TVs that support 1440p but not 4K to take advantage of the resolution increase for the dashboard.

Additional audio options will also come in the update, allowing players to mix audio to, for example, lessen game audio and raise Spotify to listen to music. The system as a whole also now supports spatial audio for people with surround sound systems who want to take advantage of their setup.

Mixer, Microsoft's streaming service, also gets a major update. When streaming games, players can set up a virtual controller for people watching on their computers, allowing someone else to occasionally tap the A button in ways that help you – or more likely, ways that super don't.

You can find the full list of changes at Microsoft's blog post. Alpha ring members get the update today, while the rest of us will see it filter out over the coming weeks or so.

[Source: Xbox Blog]


Our Take
This update doesn't necessarily do a lot for me personally, but several years in, these things are more about satiating annoyances people have and smoothing those out.