Final Fantasy XV Director Asking Fans If They Want A Happy Or Sad Ending

by Imran Khan on Feb 28, 2018 at 07:04 PM

Despite Final Fantasy XV having come out in 2016, director Hajime Tabata still has grand plans, and is asking fans what kind of ending they want for the story.

At a fan greeting today, Tabata asked fans if they want a happy ending or the opposite, a super bad ending. Some of the people in attendance reported back Tabata's question on social media with fans wondering what Tabata's question really implied. Thanks to ResetEra for the translation.

While Tabata did not clarify what direction he has decided to go in, he did indicate the feedback has helped him make a decision. Tabata also didn't clarify what exactly this means – was he talking about making a new ending to the main campaign of the game that released over two years ago now? Or an ultimate ending to all the game's DLC, of which there's now four additional episodes planned? Or maybe a broader end to the Final Fantasy XV story like how Final Fantasy XIII spread its story across three games?

Final Fantasy XV is re-releasing with a Royal Edition, which contains season one of DLC and all the patches and improvements to the game, next week on March 6. The Royal Edition can either be a separate purchase or a $20 upgrade from the base game on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and is roughly the same as the Windows Version releasing on the same date, though that includes different costumes depending on where you pre-order it. For example, Square-Enix announced today that pre-ordering on Origin nets your characters costumes from The Sims.


Our Take
I remain confused at when is a good time to finish Final Fantasy XV, but it seems like the answer is increasingly just waiting until Final Fantasy XVI is out.