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Guardians Of The Galaxy Director Confirms Baby Groot Is Groot's Son (Again)

by Imran Khan on Feb 27, 2018 at 04:41 PM

Director James Gunn occasionally likes answering questions on social media, though it turns out we don't always want the answers.

Today on Twitter, Gunn was joking with a reporter about a comparison between Porgs, the puffin CG replacement from Star Wars:The Last Jedi, and Groot, the tree person who was a giant in the first Guardians of the Galaxy and a baby in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Gunn clarified that referring to both as just "Groot" didn't really make sense.

"First Groot is dead," Gunn tweeted. "Baby Groot is his son."

Cue shock and sadness from fans who thought Groot, who sacrificed himself at the end of the first movie, was reborn as Baby Groot. Not so, says Gunn, who has been explaining this since at least back in September. On Facebook last year, Gunn wrote "Although I don't necessarily think it's obvious in Vol. 1, it's important to say that if you exploded and a little glob of you started growing into a baby, I would not assume that baby was you. I do think it's more obvious in Vol. 2, as Baby Groot has a different personality than Groot, none of his memories, and is much, much dumber."

He's not wrong. And Gunn is understandably exasperated by people being shocked all over again by the revelation despite saying it months ago. Still, not everyone got the news, so there's always going to be a fresh wave of people to traumatize every time this news comes around.

The Guardians and a Groot of some age or another will be in Avengers: Infinity War on May 4 this year, with a short scene in the trailer showing the team meeting up with Thor fresh after Thor: Ragnarok.


Our Take
I have heard this news before, but it is always a bummer whenever I am reminded of it. Oh well. Hopefully angsty teenage Groot is entertaining, too.