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This Week In Gaming – Payday 2 Switch, Darkest Dungeon Xbox One, Monster Hunter World Costumes

by Imran Khan on Feb 26, 2018 at 11:00 AM

Each Monday, come here for a rundown of all this week's big events that we know about, from game releases, to betas, to recapping the biggest continuing news stories from the previous week. If there's anything we missed, feel free to let us know! This week covers the dates from February 26 to March 4.

Upcoming Releases

Gravel (Xbox One) – February 26
De Blob 2 (PS4, Xbox One) - February 27
Immortal Redneck (Xbox One) – February 27
Payday 2 (Switch) - February 27
Riftstar Raiders (Xbox One) – February 27
Darkest Dungeon (Xbox One) – February 28

Things To Watch Out For

Dead Space Is Free On PC Origin For A Limited Time – You can grab the horror classic free on PC for a limited time still, so don't wait too long.
Chun-Li's June (Star Gladiator) Costume Challenge – The second part of Chun-Li's June costume is available through SFV's Extra Battle challenge until March 1.
Monster Hunter World Ryu Costume Quest Still Available – You can get the Ryu's skin now if you have SFV save data on your PS4 until March 1, after which the quest should open up to everyone.
Monster Hunter World Aloy Costume Quest Launches Soon – The Horizon: Zero Dawn quest that allows you to earn an armor set that makes your hunter look like Aloy starts on February 28.
Remastered Turok Games Coming To Xbox One – The first two Turok games are coming to Xbox One on March 2.
Demon's Souls Servers Shut Down – There will be no more online engagement after February 28.
Overwatch League (Stage 2, Week 2) – Shanghai Dragons take on the L.A. Gladiators, while later in the week the Philadelphia Fusion meet the London Spitfire.

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