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Student Meets Retweet Goal To Change AP Chem Exam To Fortnite Exam

by Suriel Vazquez on Feb 24, 2018 at 02:22 PM

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As Fortnite continues its climb in popularity, it's starting to cross over into mainstream culture. Chance the Rapper wants it on Switch, and the latest viral tweet involves a promise to turn an AP Chemistry class exam into one about Fortnite.

Twitter user Jilli Zuz yesterday posted a kind of tweet many users have seen before: A message asking for retweets in the hopes of meeting a certain goal, after which something relatively cool would happen.

In this case, Zuz needed 6,700 retweets on the tweet in which the photo was posted in order to have her AP Chem teacher agree to change the second semester class exam into a Fortnite exam. The photo shows the teacher shaking hands with the students as a sign he will honor the deal.

With the tweet currently sitting at over 20,000 retweets, Zuz has clearly met her goal. Will the teacher forego having students practice and learn the chemistry material they'll need in order to survive in college for the sake of a tweet? Will the school board allow it? Will students who've never played Fortnite be extra-mad they have to learn entirely new, unrelated subject material on short notice? We may never know.


Our Take
The dumbest thing I ever did in AP Chem was bring a Nintendo 64 to class after our teacher mentioned he'd played Goldeneye once when it came out. We brought a console, the game, and four controllers but couldn't hook the thing up to a TV in the classroom, so a couple of friends and I pretended to play it for the first few minutes of class while he gave the lecture. We were idiots.