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Remastered Turok Games Hit Xbox Next Month

by Suriel Vazquez on Feb 24, 2018 at 05:31 PM

Along with their troubled System Shock 2 remake, Night Dive Studios have been working on remastering the first two Turok games since at least early 2016. Thankfully, that project isn't troubled, and will launch early next month.

Night dive has announced that both games will release on Microsoft's console on March 2. The games will be $20 apiece. These remasters seem to be light on new features, sticking instead of revitalizing the core experience of the titles under a new engine. You can watch a trailer below to see how the remaster of the first Turok looks in action.

[Source: Night Dive Studios]


Our Take
Can't say I've ever been a Turok fan, but even if I was, $20 for each game seems a bit pricey. I can certainly admire the work put into these remasters, but the price seems just a bit too high.