Half-Life Meets Final Fantasy XV

by Matthew Kato on Feb 22, 2018 at 09:22 AM

The PC edition of Final Fantasy XV comes out on March 6, but those who get the game on Steam can enjoy some Half-Life bonuses before and after release.

If you get the game on Steam from now until May 1 you can get the Half-Life Pack (also available for the FF XV expansion Comrades) which features a Gordon Freeman costume for Noctis, complete with a crowbar. If you pre-order the title on Steam before the March 6 release date you'll also get the FF XV Fashion Collection, which features a selection of buffing T-shirts. Pre-order details for Origin and the Microsoft store can be found here.

Prospective players can also sample the game via a free demo (which includes the game's first chapter, tutorial, and opening quests) coming out on February 26.

Click the link for more details on the PC version, and benchmark info is available here.