Star Wars Battlefront II Update Brings Limited-Time Mode & Hoth Outfits

by Matthew Kato on Feb 19, 2018 at 09:26 AM

The new update for Star Wars Battlefront II adds a host of balance fixes and bug tweaks, as well as some limited-time fun in the form of the Jetpack Cargo game mode and Hoth hero appearances.

Jetpack Cargo gives everyone a jet pack and a rocket launcher, and the Hoth outfits for Luke, Leia, and Han are unlockable through in-game challenges.

Those features may be limited, but here to stay are new locations to custom arcade mode: Kashyyyk, Hoth, Endor, Crait, Jakku, and Death Star II.

On the fixes/balancing front, a number of heroes are being tweaked, from checking the Emperor's ability to Force Lightning through walls to reducing Kylo Ren's cooldown timers for Pull and Freeze. The update also reduces the effectiveness of dodging, balances and fixes specific locations, and increases the payout for dupes.

The update has a long list of tweaks, so I highly recommend you click the source link below to see all that is addressed.

[Source: Star Wars Battlefront II Official Forums] 


Our Take 
The long list of balancing and bug fixes is nice to see, but it's also alarming that it's so long in the first place... Similarly, the update lists a number of existing known issues that are concerning, like star cards not working properly.