Remedy's Next Project Aims For 2019 Release, Hints At Another New Game

by Imran Khan on Feb 19, 2018 at 01:28 PM

It's been a few years since Remedy wrapped up work on the video game/TV show hybrid Quantum Break and the studio has been hard at work on new projects since then.

Project 7, which was announced last year as a cinematic third-person shooter published by 505 games, is aiming for a release next year according to the studio's latest financial report, but also references another project in the works.

"One of the projects is the company’s own game brand codenamed P7, in which the company’s own financing plays a significant role," reads the financial report. "At the same time, the company will launch a third game project." 

This has been the first official word on Remedy's third project, the other two being P7 and the single-player portion of free-to-play shooter of CrossFire 2. There's no word on what that game will be, whether it is a new IP, an existing IP, or who the publisher of the game might be.

[Source: Remedy Financial Report]


Our Take
Remedy has a lot of older IPs that could definitely get continuations, but I think I would like to see as much new from them as possible, too. It's hard to say what this could be without knowing the publisher or the scale of the project.