10 Mega Man Games Coming To Switch In Single Package

by Robbie Key on Feb 19, 2018 at 03:00 PM

Capcom is bringing the first and second Mega Man Legacy Collections to the Switch in a retail bundle.

The collections on Switch, which contain Mega Man titles one through 10, have exclusive features to the platform, including a rewind feature for difficult segments, challenge modes that remix stages, leaderboards, sound mode for listening to the music score, and a museum mode that gives behind-the-scenes insight into all the titles.

Both collections also have amiibo support in which scanning the Mega Man amiibo - regular or gold - unlocks 11 additional fan-made challenges that were exclusive to the first legacy collection on the 3DS. Amiibo unlock an unspecified number of additional challenges for the second collection.

At retail for $39.99, only the first collection is loaded into the cart. The second is available through a download code packaged in the case. The retail version also comes with an exclusive Mega Man 30th anniversary cleaning cloth. Both collections will be available to download separately at $14.99 for the first, and $19.99 for the second. The retail and digital collections launch May 22.

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[Source: Capcom via Nintendo Everything]


Our Take
If that cleaning cloth won't entice you to pick up this collection then I don't know what will. But seriously, at $4 per game this is a collection well worth owning, especially on a platform like the Switch.