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Two New Operators Cleanse The Perimeter In Rainbow Six Siege

by Joey Thurmond on Feb 16, 2018 at 12:50 PM

Ubisoft is developing a track record for superb post-game content with recent releases. From For Honor to Tom Clancy's The Division, these games are different beasts from when they first launched, and Rainbow Six Siege is a prominent example. With a robust roster of Operators, major fixes and balancing, and a steady stream of content (with the Outbreak event quickly approaching), there's a reason why it's developed such a dedicated following. The popularity is even more apparent with the Six Invitationals esports competition and its continually impressive sales. With so much attention surrounding the game, especially with a free weekend on the horizon, Ubisoft is taking advantage of it by announcing two new Operators: Lion and Finka.

Both characters have extensive backstories to complement their equally compelling loadouts. Lion was born into a conservative, Catholic family and rebelled against them, which culminated into getting his girlfriend pregnant. Without a sense of purpose, he joined the French Army. Reflecting on his actions with the help of a chaplain, he seeks recompense for his sins by saving lives. Lion is in the Attack class and uses a V308, 417 marksman rifle, and SQ-CQB shotgun as his primaries. His secondaries consist of a P9 pistol and LFP586 revolver. He's also equipped with a claymore, stun grenades, and his EE-One-D device to detect movement in areas. He has two points of speed and armor.

Finka was born with neuropathy and devoted much of her life to staying in peak condition, but then moved on to make breakthroughs in biotechnology with nanobots. She joined the Spetsnaz to put her knowledge of chemicals, biology, and radiation to use to save lives. She now works alongside Lion in Rainbow Six's CRBN unit. She belongs in the Attack class and is equipped with a breach charge, stun grenade, and nanobot shots that each Operator on her team receives (giving them a boost of health and steadier aim). She uses a Spear .308, SAASG-12 shotgun, and 6P41 as her primaries and a PMM pistol and GSH-18 as secondaries. She boasts the same speed and armor stats as Lion.

If you'd like more details to their intricate histories, click here for Lion and there for Fiska. If you'd like to read about Rainbow Six Siege's evolution, look over our previous feature detailing how the game has maintained sustaining firepower.


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