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Come With Me And You'll See The Latest Ready Player One Trailer

by Jon Bowman on Feb 15, 2018 at 12:12 PM

Warner Bros. Pictures just dropped a new trailer for Ready Player One that dives deeper into the virtual pop culture paradise of Oasis.

In Ready Player One, people have foregone a dystopian reality to plug into a completely immersive virtual space called Oasis. In Oasis, players can do and be anything, but the protagonist, Wade Owen Watts, and his friends are playing a much bigger game. Dubbed "gunters", Wade is part of a sub-culture within Oasis that follow clues through the seemingly limitless pop-culture references left behind by the eccentric creator of Oasis. With control of the company behind Oasis at stake, Wade and his friends find that this treasure hunt has become all too real and they must fight to be the first to discover the hidden secrets of Oasis to protect the virtual world that they love.

Ready Player One is coming to theaters on March 30. To take a longer look at an earlier trailer, head here.