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The Japanese Animated Batman Ninja Gets Its First English Trailer

by Kyle Hilliard on Feb 13, 2018 at 02:35 PM

Batman Ninja, an animated film created in Japan about Batman getting sent to ancient Japan, received its first English trailer today.

The film is directed by Junpei Mizusaki, who doesn't have many feature films to his name, but worked on animation for some of the later Mega Man X games like 7, 8, and Command Mission. You can check out the trailer, which shows Batman and pals trying to fighter the Joker (voiced by Tony Hale from Arrested Development and Veep) in the past.

We've seen plenty of artists tackle Batman in an assortment of different styles, but this version feels particularly unique. The movie will be available digitally on April 24, and on Blu-ray on May 8.

[Source: Warner Bros. Home Entertainment on YouTube]