Blanka Comes Out Of The Cage For Street Fighter V

by Joey Thurmond on Feb 12, 2018 at 02:34 PM

Street Fighter V's third season of DLC was officially unveiled with six characters teased all at once during last year's Capcom Cup finals. Since then, Sakura was released in January and now it's Blanka's turn to tear up his opponents on February 20.

The veteran character will receive a curious story where he is adjusting back to society with his beloved mother. When a salesman offers to make him famous by producing a doll in the fighter's likeness, apparently things will get hairy as a consequence. Blanka retains signature traits such as his rolling attacks and electricity, but the former has been implemented for his V-Trigger attacks, which allows him to stun opponents in the air. He will also be released with color variants of three skins: Battle Costume, Story costume, and Nostalgia. He will be available individually for $5.99 and be available at no cost if you purchased the game's season pass. You can read more about his altered moveset by clicking here and watch the gentle giant in action in the footage below.

[Source: Capcom Unity]