London Spitfire Win Stage One Playoffs Of The Overwatch League

by Elise Favis on Feb 11, 2018 at 12:37 PM

Following three rounds of matches that spanned over a nearly 12-hour day of competition, the London Spitfire have emerged as the champions of Stage One of the Overwatch League. In the finals, they beat New York Excelsior in a reverse sweep.

The day kicked off with New York beating London 3-2. This knocked London Spitfire down to the #2 seed, and the Houston Outlaws earned the last spot in the playoffs to face London in the semi finals. It was there that London won 3-1, which meant they would have to face New York Excelsior once again. In that final match, London miraculously won 3-2 despite their weak start.

The stage playoffs don't have any impact on the regular season or the League playoffs, but they do offer a hefty cash prize to the top team of each stage. This includes $100,000 for the winner and $25,000 for the runner-up. The Overwatch League is now entering a week-and-a-half-break, but it's far from over. When it returns on February 21, a rematch of London and New York will take place on the first day of Stage Two.

You can watch the Stage One final match by heading here. For more on Overwatch League, read our in-depth feature about how it rewrites the rules of eSports. You can also read interviews with star players from teams like The Dallas Fuel, The Philadelphia Fusion, and The Los Angeles Gladiators.