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Someone Made A New Game For The Sega Genesis, Decades After The Console's Release

by Suriel Vazquez on Feb 10, 2018 at 03:34 PM

If you happen to have your Sega Genesis (or Mega Drive, outside the US) hooked up to your TV right now, you're in luck! There's a new game you can play on it.

Developer Matt Phillips has released Tanglewood, a sidescrolling platformer he made using the same tools as developers of the 90s used in order to approach the project with an authenticity most faux-retro games of the current age lack. "I like to work with the restrictions of the system itself rather than making it for a modern PC on a modern engine," Phillips told the BBC. "I've done a lot of that in my lifetime. I'm getting a bit bored of that."

Phillips, who lives in the UK, created the game using an original Mega Drive development kit running on a Windows 95 PC, both of which required several repairs over the course of development. To get a better look at the game in action and learn more about Phillips' process (which includes reaching out to a factory in China to manufacture a cartridge for it) check out the BBC segment here.

You can pre-order your copy of the game here. If you don't happen to have a Mega Drive or Genesis, you're in luck! Phillips plans to port the game to modern PCs, and you can download a demo for that version here.