PS4 Update Brings Custom Wallpapers And Supersampling To Pro

by Joey Thurmond on Feb 07, 2018 at 03:57 PM

As PlayStation owners ardently wait for the chance to change usernames, they'll need to remain as content as possible with what alterations Sony releases for its flagship console in the meantime. Fortunately, the latest 5.50 firmware update comes with a few quality-of-life changes and notable features that make the console's UI and performance a little better.

Taking a page from Nintendo's parental controls for the Switch, Sony is bringing in a new layer of control that parents have over their kids' play sessions by setting time limits. Those who are under such restrictions will be warned with notifications to save if they can, but if they ask for a few more minutes, parents can add extra time via their smartphone or PC. Small changes include a library category set aside for PlayStation Plus game downloads, hiding apps, shortcuts for playing music via Spotify, and deleting old notifications.

Being able to customize your background with custom images from a USB stick is a nice touch, too, but PS4 Pro owners without 4K televisions will be happy to see the "supersampling mode." This will downscale higher resolutions to match your TV, paving the way for better image clarity and sharpness. You can read the whole list of changes coming with this update by clicking here.

The beta for the update went live yesterday, and should hopefully be available to everyone soon.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]