Catch Up On The Yakuza Series With Sega's Interactive Comic

by Imran Khan on Feb 06, 2018 at 04:42 PM

Yakuza 6, despite a small delay, is still barreling down the pike for its April release. Since Sega knows it can be troublesome to get the full Yakuza story head of the sixth game, they've provided some comics for people to catch up.

The comics go over the bits and pieces of Yakuza all the way from 0 to Yakuza 5, setting up the aging Kiryu's story in his final adventure in Kamurocho. While it would be nice to play through all the games before Yakuza 6, time can be a limiting factor. Additionally, Clan Codes are hidden in the comic, which can be applied to the Yakuza 6 clan mechanic for special characters like Daigo Dojima.

Though if you want to go through the games, as well, today's addition of Yakuza 5 to PlayStation Now means the only game that's not playable on the PS4 is Yakuza 3. Which, if you're going to miss any Yakuza game, it might as well be that one.

Yakuza 6 was recently delayed to April 17, with a demo coming February 27, but you can get your fix now by watching us explore Japan in gameplay from the new title here. The game is coming exclusively to the PlayStation 4.

[Source: Yakuza Experience Website]