Layoffs And Cancellations At Capcom Vancouver, Scaling Down For New Dead Rising

by Imran Khan on Feb 05, 2018 at 04:44 PM

There have been "significant" layoffs at Capcom Vancouver, the studio heading the Dead Rising series..

The layoffs have affected multiple projects, including cancellation of a third-person action game set in an alternative reality New York that was still in a prototype stage. It also downscales a new Dead Rising project the studio has been working on, lessening the scope on the project that had reportedly become unwieldy.

Capcom Vancouver is responsible for Dead Rising 2 and its Frank West-lead remake, Dead Rising 3, Dead Rising 4, and the recently-released PS4 port of Dead Rising 4 titled Frank's Big Package. The studio also just began support for the free-to-play Puzzle Fighter game on mobile phones.

[Source: Kotaku]