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Modders Are Already Giving The Dragon Ball FighterZ Roster New Looks

by Suriel Vazquez on Feb 03, 2018 at 03:01 PM

Dragon Ball FighterZ is a fantastic fighting game in many ways, but one area it's sorely lacking is color options. Although you can choose between Yellow and Blue-haired Gokus, the color options for characters are limited to palette swaps. Of course, for modders and players of the PC version, that's already changed.

Modders like Mastaklo, Sonicbrawler, and more have taken upon themselves to do some model swapping and let players act out more specific Dragon Ball fighting fantasies. Saiyan Saga Vegeta and Goku, Baby Vegeta, Ultimate Teen Gohan (who I absolutely need to point out is not canon) are all available for PC players to use. You can take a look at some videos of the most popular mods below, and find links for the mods in their descriptions. Though most of these are recolors, a few involve some model swapping (and, in the cast of Baby Vegeta, importing models from other games), which makes them pretty cool to see.