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Speedrunner 'Beats' Super Mario World Within A Minute

by Robbie Key on Feb 02, 2018 at 03:39 PM

Not even warp pipes can help players beat Super Mario World in under a minute, a feat one speedrunner has now completed.

Speedrunner SethBling on Tuesday "finished" the classic SNES title in 54 seconds, 56 milliseconds using a method known as "arbitrary code execution." In short, the player does certain actions in the game to manipulate the game's memory to make it bring up the end credits.

With certain buttons pressed down on four controllers via two multitap accessories, Sethbling manipulates the memory with the controllers' inputs to execute a specific code. From using an item-swap glitch to jumping on certain koopa troopers and replicating Yoshi blocks, he executes pixel-precise moves to trigger the end credits. SethBling explains the trick in great detail on a Google Doc and in his YouTube video below.

The previous record for beating Super Mario World was 1 minute, 13 seconds, and 32 milliseconds by speedrunner Furious.

[Source: Kotaku]