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Reader Discussion – What Is Your Dream License For A Fighting Game?

by Imran Khan on Feb 02, 2018 at 08:45 PM

With Dragon Ball FighterZ releasing last week and Dissidia Final Fantasy out this week, it's been a fairly big week for licensed fighting games. Both licenses have a decent bit of experience in this arena, but fulfill some dreams for fans of those series who want something really good or specific.

There are a lot of licenses that would be well-suited for fighting games but haven't been given the chance due to audience concerns, budget reasons, license holders, etc. Heck, there's probably a lot that aren't well-suited for fighting games but you'd love to see them as fighters, anyway.

For me, I would love a really widespread Indie fighting game. The house from Gone Home as a stage, Red from Transistor as a character, items from Battle Chef Brigade, etc. I also think a Dark Souls fighting game would be fantastic.

What's on your list? Is there a popular anime you want to see a fighting game for? A cartoon? A TV drama? A period in history? Who's your dream roster? Let us know in the comments! You never know, maybe someone will see it and get inspired.