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Breath Of The Wild Player Maps Entire Journey Onto Poster

by Robbie Key on Feb 02, 2018 at 12:25 PM

As if playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild isn't already an unforgettable experience, a Reddit user has forever captured their entire journey by printing it onto a poster.

Using Hero's Path, a feature in BOTW's The Master Trials DLC that maps out everywhere the player traversed within the last 200 hours of playtime, redditor kazoodac went through their game's entire map and used the Switch's screenshot function to capture every point. With Photoshop's photomerge tool and a lot of cropping, kazoodac then put all 200-plus images together, though it had to be done in clusters so the software wouldn't crash. The end result is a 16x20" poster at 300 dpi that hangs above their game room wall.

"My partner and I sunk hundreds of hours into Zelda BOTW, and enjoyed every minute. I wanted to immortalize our playthrough somehow," kazoodac says on their Imgur post. "I finally got a result I was proud of."

Kazoodac also made a sweet box art and logo for a custom Samus amiibo to honor Metroid's 30th anniversary, as well as a "minimalist" design on the N64 logo that became quite popular on Reddit several months ago.

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[Source: Games Radar]