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Glimpse Into Atreus' Past In God Of War Text Adventure

by Joey Thurmond on Feb 01, 2018 at 12:40 PM

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Text adventures have an archaic charm to them. There's something about the breadth of paths you can explore that pulls your imagination into their stories. It may be unexpected, but it's an intriguing method to employ for providing background to Atreus in the upcoming God of War.

Sony has partnered up with Facebook and crafted a text adventure through the social media's Messenger application titled "A Call from the Wilds." There are several chapters to navigate and eight pieces of concept art to unlock should you make it to the story's end. Considering that the text adventure persists if you close it, you can easily pick it up on and off to see Atreus through his adventure in the past before his mother's passing.

God of War is coming exclusively to the PlayStation 4 and will release on April 20. For more info about the game, check out our exclusive coverage from last month by clicking the banner below.

[Source: Santa Monica Studios' Twitter via Gamasutra]


Our Take
I managed to get to Chapter 2 of the text adventure and can see how planning ahead and taking your time is essential to survive later on with whatever dangers may come Atreus' way. He can apparently hear different voices in his head, involuntarily making telepathic connections with other beings. Has this ability been passed on from his mother or Kratos? Are the Norse gods trying to communicate with him? Color me intrigued.