Diablo Creator Unveils It Lurks Below, Closed Beta This Weekend

by Jon Bowman on Feb 01, 2018 at 01:09 PM

Diablo creator David Brevik plans to hold a closed beta over the weekend for his latest solo project, It Lurks Below. 

Coming out of his Graybeard Games studio, It Lurks Below takes the dungeon-crawling and RPG mechanics of Diablo and melds them with the world-building elements of Terraria and Minecraft, adding a unique flavor to that formula. "I wanted more of a point to a lot of those games,” Brevik said in an interview with Polygon. “I wanted to make an RPG, with classes and leveling up, random items, where you get more and more powerful as you go down into the core of the world and fight baddies."

It Lurks Below is aimed for a Steam launch later this year and will include three modes: normal mode, an easier "creative" mode, and a more challenging "hardcore" mode, complete with permadeth. Players will crawl through pixelated dungeons armed with melee weapons and elemental wands to fend off monsters with their own Diablo-inspired tricks.

The beta will be open to 200 people starting on Friday night and going through Monday, February 5. Brevik himself will be streaming via his Twitch channel on Friday from 9-11 p.m. PST, Saturday from 3-5 p.m. PST, Sunday from 10 a.m.-12 p.m. PST, and Monday from 12-2 p.m. PST.


Our Take
Since the beta is only open to 200 people, I'll be one of many checking out David Brevik's Twitch sometime over the weekend. It sounds like an interesting genre mashup and if anyone could pull it off, it would be the creative mind behind Diablo.