Sega Joins Forces With Heavy Rain Lead Designer On New Narrative Game

by Imran Khan on Jan 29, 2018 at 06:58 PM

Sega announced today that they have entered into a publishing deal with London-based Interior Night, a new studio founded by former Quantic Dream lead designer Caroline Marchal.

The studio which has a mission statement of delivering narrative-driven games for mature audiences, is not discussing the new IP yet, nor is Sega. Marchal's experience on Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls combined with the studio's stated intention makes it fairly easy to guess what the game will end up being.

Interior Night is made up of former staff from Quantic Dream, Sony, and Slightly Mad Studios, the developer behind Project Cars. Quantic Dream itself has recently been facing criticism after reports alleging harassment and a toxic work environment at the studio.

Sega has not given a target date or platforms for this new game, so it is likely to be some time off.


Our Take
It will be interesting to see what ex-Quantic Dream staff can do. It's also good to see Sega supporting new studios and taking a chance on seeing what different visions they have to offer.