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Report: Detective Pikachu Film Set Photos Leak, Show Missing Pokémon

by Robbie Key on Jan 29, 2018 at 01:30 PM

Photos from the upcoming Detective Pikachu film, based on the upcoming 3DS title, have leaked online.

On Saturday while travelling around central London, Twitter user Howard Bud by happenstance came upon the film's set and tweeted out four photos.

The first photo shows a giant stand with the Ryme City Police Department symbol shaped like a police badge. The middle of the symbol shows the Pokémon Victini on a stand between two people with "human Pokémon partnership" written above them.

The next picture is the most revealing of the four and shows missing Pokémon such as Machoke, Graveller, and Pancham on a peg board. Based on the photos of the three Pokémon, the film looks to retain the pocket monster's designs directly from the mainline games while adding a touch of realism. The missing Pokémon will likely be central to the plot as well. Papers encouraging people to join Ryme City police and report crimes such as graffiti are also seen on the board.

The third photo shows a plaque that says "Welcome to Police Plaza," which is likely the location of the set. It lists rules for citizens to keep in mind while in the plaza, and that "all humans and Pokémon" are always welcome. The final photo shows part of the set behind the scenes, as well as four cars covered in cloth. The vehicles are likely police cars that bare the same Ryme City police logo from the first leaked picture.

Detective Pikachu stars Ryan Reynolds as the title character's voice, Ken Watanabe as a detective, and Justice Smith and Kathryn Newton in unknown roles. Goosebumps director Rob Letterman is directing. The script is written by Nicole Perlman, Guardians of the Galaxy co-writter, and Alex Hirsch, creator of Gravity Falls. Rumor has it Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Hugh Jackman are also being considered for roles.

The film is slated for a May 10, 2019, release. The 3DS game and Detective Pikachu amiibo, which is bigger than the average figure in Nintendo's lineup, will release March 23.

[Source: Screen Rant]


Our Take
It's still weird to think about a live-action Pokémon coming to fruition, but the photos show some promise with how Legendary Pictures, which has put out some great films, is bringing the Pokémon universe and the Detective Pikachu game to life. We're still bitter about Danny DeVito not voicing Pikachu, but the film certainly has potential to be entertaining with the director of the surprise hit Goosebumps, co-writer of Guardians of the Galaxy, and creator of Gravity Falls working behind the scenes.