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More Details Burn Brightly Surrounding Dark Souls: The Card Game

by Joey Thurmond on Jan 29, 2018 at 02:00 PM

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Steamforged Games found widespread success with Dark Souls: The Board Game, which raised over $5 million with its Kickstarter campaign. CMON coincidentally followed suit with game designer Eric M. Lang's take on Bloodborne as a card game in 2016. It's only appropriate that Steamforged would ride the coattails of adapting From Software's popular property with another interpretation of Dark Souls' ruthless difficulty.

Dark Souls: The Card Game is focused on surviving by yourself or working closely with up to three other players. You'll assume a class from the start that gives you special abilities and build your deck with armor, item, and weapon cards that can mean the difference between life and death. The goal is to acquire as many souls and treasure as possible and use them toward acquiring bigger, better decks, which is an intensely collaborative effort when playing with friends.

As an example, Bloodborne: The Card Game thrives on double-edged competition and cooperation because players take out enemies together while attempting to backstab and leave others to die. With Dark Souls: The Card Game, your chances of getting to the final boss hinge on keeping each other alive and not only executing the right moves together, but also wisely ordering and enhancing them with stamina cards. With changing conditions due to a plethora of enemy types, no match is bound to be the same.

Dark Souls: The Card Game will be released on March 16 and be available for pre-order soon from Steamforged's website. It comes with 400+ cards at launch and will retail for $49.99 if its listing on Amazon is to be believed. You can check out a quick rundown of its features with its announcement trailer by clicking here or watch a recent live stream by Steamforged below that shows off the game's complex, nerve-wracking encounters.

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