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Epic Closing Down Paragon On April 26

by Imran Khan on Jan 26, 2018 at 02:27 PM

Epic is closing down their action MOBA Paragon on April 26, finalizing weeks of speculation that the game was not long for this world.

The studio announced today that they would be shutting down service for the game in the coming months after being unable to find a path to success for it. The forthright blog post on the subject describes the situation for the game in dire terms, indicating that there is no feasible solution to maintaining the player numbers the game would require to keep going.

"We didn’t execute well enough to deliver on the promise of Paragon," the post from the Paragon team reads. "We have failed you – despite the team’s incredibly hard work – and we’re sorry."

The news follows a story from less than ten days ago, where Epic explained that development on Paragon was slowing down as team members moved to the far more successful Fortnite. Even at the time, the consternation over how to make Paragon more popular was evident within the team's community discussions and it appears to have finally reached a head.

In a rather unprecedented move, Epic is supplying refunds for Paragon for both PC and PlayStation 4. Unlike normal refund methods, the refund is coming from Epic itself, rather than through, for example, Sony. Those seeking a refund will need to link their Epic account first and, after that, access the refund page here.

Paragon first went on sale in March 2016 and went into free-to-play early access almost a year later in February.


Our Take
It's definitely a shame, but from a business perspective, it absolutely makes sense for Epic to shift all their resources to Fortnite. Hopefully the studio finds a good balance later on and can manage multiple successful projects at once.