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How To Unlock Android 21, SSGSS Goku And Vegeta In Dragon Ball FighterZ

by Suriel Vazquez on Jan 22, 2018 at 08:01 AM

You'll be able to play as most of the cast of Dragon Ball FighterZ right off the bat, but you'll have to unlock three of them. They're worth it, too, as Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Vegeta have some of the strongest super moves in the game, and Android 21 has some interesting moves that should make her a unique choice for many players. Depending on which edition of the game you bought, it might take some work to unlock these characters, but we've a quick to make sure you can play as three characters as soon as possible.

Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Vegeta
If you pre-ordered the game or bought the "Day One" edition of the game, you'll receive a code that immediately unlocks both Goku and Vegeta's Blue-haired from the go.

If you haven't or didn't, you'll need to work for them. There are two ways to unlock them. To unlock SSGSS Vegeta, you can either earn 300,000 Zenny or complete the Extreme Gravity Spaceship Course on hard difficulty with an A-Rank. To unlock SSGSS Goku, you can either earn 500,000 Zenny or complete the the Hyperbolic Time Chamber Course on hard difficulty with an A-Rank. To unlock the hard version of these courses, you’ll have to beat its regular version in the arcade mode.

The arcade mode's harder difficulties can be rough to master, since later stages pit you against characters who deal and can take way more damage than you. The best way I found to beat these is to exploit the AI in a few ways. Despite these computer's incredible reactions when it comes to performing a super off any attack, they're susceptible Super Dashes, and will often not block them. Additionally, if you finish a full combo, run up to them, back off at the last moment, then go for a Dragon Rush (FighterZ' equivalent of a throw), there's a good change you'll nail them with it, leading to another combo.

If you don’t want the hassle of beating the harder arcade difficulties, there are several ways to earn Zenny. Your first task should be to complete the story mode, since that will net you about 200-300,000 Zenny, depending on how many fights you decided to tackle.

After that, you’ll want to stop by the training mode area. Completing the basic combat tutorials will net you some easy Zenny. Character trials will also earn you some quick currency. You should be able to complete the first seven or so without much effort, netting you 3500 Zenny in a minute or two. If you can complete all 10, you’ll get 5,000 per character, for a total of 110,000 Zenny. Running through the easier arcade mode will get you additional Zenny. The Snake Way course is the most efficient, since it nets you about 5,000-7,000 for three fights as long as you do well enough (the A.I. isn’t terribly difficult). 

If you plan to level up characters in story mode, you can start a hard difficulty run of the story mode to get more Zenny. Finally, you can play matches online to earn the last few Zenny for SSGSS Goku. The game keeps track of the Zenny you’ve earned, so you’re free to spend any Zenny you earn without regressing your progress.

Android 21
There is currently no way to unlock 21 early in the States that we know of (a guide booklet in Japan offers players in that region a way to unlock her). Thankfully, all you have to do to unlock Android 21 is finish the story mode. While a normal run of the mode can take 15-20 hours, if you don’t care about the story itself, you can beat the story in about five hours by simply skipping all the cutscenes and making a beeline for the boss on each map.

Some of the later opponents might make this a bit difficult, but I generally didn't have a hard time with most fights throughout the story mode while use a number of equippable experience boosters so I wasn't too behind the level curve. Later on I opted for bonuses that increased my health regeneration, defense, and special attack power to finish the last few opponents without too much trouble.

Unlocking these characters can be a bit of a grind if you just want to practice them up from the get-go, but hopefully this short explainer will help you unlock them much more quickly. If you're looking for more tips on how to play the game itself, head over to our detailed tips and combo guide.