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Twitch Brings On High-Profile Streamers Like Markiplier In Disney Deal

by Imran Khan on Jan 18, 2018 at 01:39 PM

Twitch announced today that the Amazon-owned streaming company has made a deal with Disney's Digital Network to bring exclusive content from high-profile Youtube personalities like Jacksepticeye, Markiplier, LuzuGames and Strawburry17.

The deal gives the personalities their own channels to manage and create live and pre-recorded content that will remain exclusive to Twitch. While most of them have produced content on Twitch before, the deal struck ensures content will be more common and stay exclusive to Twitch.

The streaming service is also adding new tools for promotion, such as countdown clocks and the ability to re-run previously recorded videos at scheduled times.

While Twitch didn't go into details of the exclusive content, the company did confirm that there won't be anything preventing fans from making clips and potentially uploading them to other services, such as Youtube, except for the usual reasons like copyright infringement when the content is taken without the copyright holder's consent.

The new promotion tools should be arriving later today, alongside the first of the exclusive content.


Our Take
The deal with Disney expands their digital network beyond Youtube and grants Twitch some immediate big names in the video on demand arena. As Youtubers begin to feel the pressure of the service's different rules and algorithms, Twitch providing a home for them is a smart move.