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Buy A Commemorative Map Of Blizzard World

by Imran Khan on Jan 18, 2018 at 08:32 PM

Blizzard World, the Overwatch map that both celebrates and truly revels in Blizzard's history, is coming out in a matter of days. Blizzard thinks you should not have to wait that long, however, and is selling an art print map of the new stage ahead of its release.

Not only do you get the map, but you also get an informational pamphlet for your visit. For the diehard Overwatch fan, or even the diehard Blizzard fan, this is a pretty neat print. I personally tend to like gaming prints that are not just the logo or concept art and are reimagined and restylized versions of things in the game.

You can buy the print here, which at the moment has no reviews. Will you answer that sworn duty?