Nintendo Still Not Interested In Pursuing Virtual Reality, 4K

by Suriel Vazquez on Jan 13, 2018 at 03:21 PM

Nintendo's always had a habit of doing its own thing, breaking off from what market trends dictate they should do. With their latest success story in the Switch, it looks less likely than ever that they'll end that habit.

Speaking with French publication Les Numériques, head of Nintendo France Philippe Lavoué reiterated the company's stance against both technologies. Lavoué stated that he doubts VR is viable in a mainstream way, and that consumers aren't going to want something that isn't a total package. The same goes for 4K, which the company does not see as widely adopted as it should be for them to invest in it.

This is in keeping with their trend of not doing something simply because their competitors are, or because that seems to be where the market is going. "If we do the same thing as everyone else, we're sure to die, since we are smaller than they are," Lavoué said. "With the Switch, we have the benefit of allowing for different uses adapted to the lives of our users."

Good news for fans of Nintendo's unique position in the industry, but potentially bad news for anyone who'd like to see Mario in VR or at 4K.

[Source: Les Numériques]


Our Take
Can't say I'm bummed about the lack of VR Nintendo games in the near future. 4K is a different story, however; while Switch titles aren't exactly powerhouses, they look great, but it's likely that in a few years, when more players have made the jump to 4K, that Switch titles will look dated. But that's all the more reason to simply make a new console at that point, I guess?