BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Coming In June, Will Have 20 DLC Characters

by Suriel Vazquez on Jan 13, 2018 at 02:15 PM

Arc System Works' second tag-team fighting game releasing this year (the first being Dragon Ball FighterZ), BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle, will release later this year. After that, players will have access to a total of 20 characters across several DLC packs.

After the conclusion of its yearly "Fighting Game Awards," Arc made several announcements regarding Cross Tag Battle. The game will launch in the West on June 5 (about a week behind the Japanese May 31 launch). Second, the game's first DLC character, Blake Belladonna from RWBY, was announced with a new trailer (which you can watch here).

Third, Blake is one of 20 DLC characters, which will be split across eight DLC character packs. Six of these packs will include three characters apiece, and two will only feature one character, with Blake being one of them (There will also be one all-inclusive DLC pack). This, along with the game's currently-announced 20 characters, makes for a total of 40 playable characters.

Finally, a limited edition of the game was announced, which includes a poster, the all-inclusive character DLC pack, an art book, and one platform-exclusive bonus for both PS4 and Switch: An acrylic stand for PS4, and a storage pouch for Switch.

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Our Take
Twenty characters at launch for a crossover game made up mostly of characters from previous games sounds a little low. Hopefully the character DLC won't be too expensive and will let players expand the cast without emptying their wallets.