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Simpsons Meme Uses Video Games To Make Cool Videos

by Imran Khan on Jan 12, 2018 at 08:39 PM

I'll admit, the Steamed Hams meme was something I kind of rolled my eyes at. The scene itself, a Principal Skinner vignette from the season seven episode "22 Short Films About Springfield." is hilarious enough as it is. As someone whose sense of humor is almost entirely derived from obsessive rewatches of The Simpsons, trying to make something funnier out of what was already greatness bothered me.

Then I realized that this meme, centered around remixing the classic scene, was more about using it as a canvas for different ideas. Well, actually, I saw a video game-related one and was really impressed at how well it was done, and that got me looking for all the game-related ones I can find.

If you're unfamiliar with the initial scene, it was a short story in an episode showcasing the non-Simpson characters of Springfield. Principal Skinner, ever eager for Superintendent Chalmers, finally manages to get his boss to come over for dinner. Unfortunately, Principal Skinner's roast has burned and, thinking quickly, Skinner replaces dinner with hamburgers from Krusty Burger and passes them off as his own.

In this Danganronpa-themed video from WhoaDoctorFreeman, Skinner discovers the body of the burned roast, and argues with Superintendent Chalmers in the same fashion as the game's trial sections. The work that must have gone into this is insane. For me, by far the most brilliant aspect is the flashback sequence to a scene that just happened, a hallmark of Danganronpa's narrative.

This next one is themed after Metal Gear Solid, created by Adam Davidson. There's so many great touches to this one, from the PlayStation loading sounds and times, to the extended ending and phone call. I think my favorite part is the dialogue playing over stock footage of hamburgers being made.

This next one is of Nier: Automata by SeshohoCian. I would be fine with just playing the scene with Automata's music in the background on some level, but this video goes above and beyond with an amazing Route B. There's even a fake ending that is almost too accurate to the game.

This final video by iKiwed is a pitch-perfect Ace Attorney joke, even going as far as having the dialogue box with the correct font match the timing of the voicework. My favorite part of this is that I cannot tell if the typos are intentional or not, because the English localization of Ace Attorney is no stranger to typos.

As with all memes, as soon as it becomes popular it is doomed, so I imagine even by this point the joke is long-dead. Still, for one brief moment, some people made some really cool stuff that they otherwise might not have, and that's good enough reason to partake.